Shower, shave and shine!

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When I wake up to a new day, I thank the heavens above for three things. The first is for blessing me with another day of good health. The second is for blessing me with another day to steal a multitude of kisses from my daughters and my wife. The third is for blessing me with another chance to piss off a few people at the office, or to torture the haters at uni, the board meeting, the bank, the bus, the child care centre, and all the places you might expect people to hate on you throughout the day. The absolute best part of my day is….getting dressed in the morning. Shower, shave, and shine (your shoes) should be every man’s morning ritual, but sadly it’s not. And that’s because it’s far too easy for a large portion of men to throw on a cheap dirty suit, a wrinkled color faded shirt, or dirty cracked unpolished footwear that squeaks at every step. Those men don’t get respect, they don’t get taken serious, and they certainly don’t get the girls. Branding yourself is just as important as branding your business. When I use the term brand, I don’t necessarily mean ‘brand labels’. I mean pure style derived from choices you make about what you wear and how you wear it. To be clear, lets not confuse style with fashion. Fashion is contrived of industry trends, style is individual. Style matters! Its how you present yourself to the world. Style is a calling card. Style speaks to one’s quality and care of person. Style exemplifies pride in oneself. Style say’s, “Look! I take care of me. If you share my world, I’ll take care of you.” “Better menswear” + “style” = a uniform that demands that you maintain a standard. Couldn’t more of us do with some standards?

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