The Humble T-Shirt


Not everyone speaks Prada. But no matter where you are in the world, the humble undergarment known as the T-shirt, speaks one common language, minimum effort. Unlike Prada, everybody can afford a T-shirt, so everybody owns one or more. The tricky part is, for the purposes of style, when to reach for a T-shirt? What style of T-shirt to reach for? And, how to wear it? This post is going to answer those questions. It doesn’t matter if it’s a crew neck, a tank top, a v-neck, mid-drift, thigh length, or has long sleeves, the T-shirt can and should be styled with deliberate intent.

Tank Tops
I remember as a kid in New York (probably the greatest people watching city in the world) seeing old men wearing white dress shirts. Looking through the dress shirt, you could see the tank top. Peaking out of the tank top on the man’s back, chest and arm’s was mounds of black hair. If he happened to have been sweating in the summer heat…Well, you can imagine what that looked like. Lets just say that, that look is not what I’m encouraging here. As a matter of fact, that image of old hairy guys in tank tops stuck in my memory, and put me off wearing a tank top under a dress shirt for all of my adult life. However, in the winter, you will want to wear a quality waffle knit long sleeve shirt under your dress shirt to ensure warmth, comfort, and a good look. But I digress. Lets get back to tank tops. A man pulling of a well cut tank top with a killer Yohji Yamamoto skirt with a pair of military or ankle style boots, is doing it like a boss. To really confuse people, throw on as much man jewelry as you can pull off. Necklaces, or shells, stainless steel rings and leather bracelets. If you can’t do it like that, this blog is not for you. Maybe you should be checking out fashion tips by Roger David, Jag, or Rivers.

Crew Necks
Reach for a white crew neck T-shirt when you want to work the hell out of a beautiful spring day, Sunday gatherings, or day out at a street festival. Wear it under a quality V-neck sweater. Polo Ralph Lauren carries a very dependable range of pullover sweaters in a variety of colors. Sweater should be a size smaller than the size a less confident man would choose. It’s a beautiful snug, elegant and clean look. Throw on your cock-watch, the one with the biggest dial face, and the rest of your evening will be as smooth and easy as it was for you to get dressed. Remember! No back hair sticking out of the neck area.

Now, we are talking a man who has lived a little. Quality, quality, quality T-shirts. I can’t impress upon you enough how important quality is. Start with a Calvin Klein v-neck and you can’t go wrong. They’re about $40 for a pack of two. G-star also does some great v-neck t-shirts. But, if you throw on a QUALITY well cut sports coat that has a little swagger, it’s a fait accompli. Depending upon your personal flavor, think Ralph Lauren Polo, G-Star (denim), or D-Squared at the low-end. At the high-end, you may want to try Yohji Yamamoto, Damir Doma, John Galliano, or Giorgio Armani. You’ll kill’em. Trust me!


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